Hydrostatic testing fire extinguisher inspection sheet

How and when is a hydrostatic test conducted on standpipes and sprinkler systems. A fire protection system requires regular inspection and testing to ensure it works in an emergency, and one of the essentials is a hydrostatic test, also known as a functionality test. May 17, 2017 · Inspection, Maintenance, and Testing Requirements. Here are the OSHA requirements for fire extinguisher inspection, maintenance, and testing requirements: Inspect, maintain, and test all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace. [29 CFR 1910.157(e)(1)] Visually inspect portable extinguishers or hoses monthly. [29 CFR 1910.157(e)(2)] In addition to regular fire extinguisher servicing, AS1851 section 15 states that fire extinguishers should have a hydrostatic pressure test carried out on them on a 5 yearly basis. In addition to pressure testing, the fire extinguisher is also refilled. Portable Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Tests, Inspections and Maintenance. At certain intervals, fire extinguishers are required to be pressure tested using water or some other non-compressible fluid to help prevent unwanted failure or rupture of the cylinder [see NFPA 10(98)Chapter 5]. Product Catalog / Hydrostatic Testing Equipment / Replacement Parts / Fire Extinguisher Filling Equipment / Pressure Gauges & Calibrated Cylinders Services / Training / Resources / News / About Hydro-Test