Uc384x datasheet

上次我们介绍了PFM方案 MAX1771的设计原理,这次我们来了解一下另一款PWM方案的升压芯片,UC384x系列。 怎么说,看了很多资料,还是datasheet是最好的资料. LD7576-DS-03 December 2007 Green-Mode PWM Controller with High-Voltage Start-Up Circuit and Adjustable OLP Delay Time REV. 03 General Description The LD7576X series bring high performance, combines with highly integrated functions, protections and EMI-improve solution. It’s an ideal solution for those cost-sensitive system, UC384x采用TL431做补偿时,计算环路增益遇到问题:不知道U从384x补偿器的分压电阻的阻值 ... datasheet和相关设计文档都没有提到 ... NCP1217 offers a true alternative to UC384X−based designs. With an internal structure operating at different fixed frequencies (65–100–133 kHz), the controller features a high−voltage startup FET,