Winning streak basketball record sheet

Jun 29, 2014 · In this post we will discuss determining how many consecutive wins a team currently has and also what a team's longest consecutive win streak has been during the season. This sort of calculation could also be used in a business setting for calculating streaks for profitable months, meeting sales goals, or achieving annual plan targets. 91-44 at East Carolina: The Huskies tied yet another NCAA women's basketball record by winning their 34th consecutive game on the road, matching the 34 road wins in a row by UConn from 2001-04 ... Dec 20, 2019 · When the clock struck midnight on Jan. 1, 2010, UConn women’s basketball had just six national titles. The Huskies were roughly midway through a record-breaking win streak and had only made the ... 10 of the Longest Winning Streaks in Sports History. When the No. 1 UConn women’s basketball team dropped an 88-86 heartbreaker in overtime at No. 6 Stanford in November, they put an end to the two-time defending national champions’ 47-game winning streak. For most programs, 47 wins in a row would be an all-time record.