Laura ortiz montemayor

Laura is a founding social entrepreneur of SVX Mexico and promoter of impact investment, transformative finance and regenerative capitalism in Mexico. During the last years her work has focused on directing socio-economic and environmental justice through education and impact investment consulting. Thursday, April 14, 1977 14,1977 PageS . _ -- -~ ' ~~~ District 218 names honor roll students A total of 394 students have been named to the honor roll at Eisenhower campus, Blue Island, in ... Montanaro Valdez, Laura Campos, Edher Herrera Pascal, Gina Ortiz Gómez, Pablo Salinas, Fernando Funari, Victoria (Español) Guzmán Linares, Kevin Llaca Ojinaga, Diego Aguilar, Nicolás Verrechia, Dylan Rousseau Ruiz, Jean-Marc Soria Diaz, Jazmín Marianed Gutiérrez Schott, Federico David, Yazmín Paulín Lara, Juan ReGen18 will kickoff on Tuesday May 1st with a regenerative gala celebration. The evening will begin at Impact Hub San Francisco with a cocktail hour catered with local, responsibly sourced food, and sustainably produced alcohol.